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Workshop Title: Engaging and managing angry young men with mental health issues

Engaging antisocial young men presents considerable difficulty, particularly when the impact of acquired brain injury (ABI) or mental illness exacerbates premorbid immature personality traits. Functions of anger are often misunderstood, where diagnosis of antisocial personality reflects behavioural description rather aetiology. With emerging concerns of radicalisation that are not readily understood, this workshop will adopt existing evidence-based assessment, treatment and management of youth at risk in relation to anger and violence. Aggressive behaviour is commonly a hurdle to engagement and treatment response. Techniques for anger management and current assumptions of countering violence extremism are less effective than reframing and understanding its source and function.

Presenter: Associate Professor Warrick Brewer MAPS Prof Warrick Brewer is an Honorary Associate Professor & Principal Research Fellow in the University of Melbourne Department of Psychiatry and also in the Centre for Youth Mental Health, located at ORYGEN Youth Health- Parkville.


This Workshop Offers:

  • provision of clinical insights for increasing engagement;

  • a summary of neural processing and clinical signs of compromised development with a view to formulating the relative impact of genetic risk, brain injury, cognitive ability, environmental compromise, personality and substance use on presentation;

  • identification of and response to unmet emotional need arising from common threats to healthy development;

  • an understanding of angerís nature and function;

  • management of violence;

  • advancement of emotional intelligence including recognition and articulation of the emotional self and structured self-identity;

  • and introduction to a 6-session treatment manual for engaging and managing violent young men.

  • importance of cultural competency in assessment, management and treatment.

  • The workshop draws upon published material from a pioneering clinical research into youth mental health neuropsychology with a focus on clients with a forensic history. The presenterís research on emotion dysregulation in neurodevelopment includes findings in Autism-spectrum, ADHD, Psychosis, OCD and Antisocial Personality disorders. Recent outcomes from an Intensive Case Management Team intervention have recently been published (Brewer et al. [2015] Lancet Psychiatry, 2:29).

    Event date: Wednesday 5th of October 2016

    Time: 9am-5pm

    Venue: Life Matters Academy 2/69 The Mall, Bankstown Bankstown

    Cost: $285 (including GST) Student (with presentation of ID): $200 (including GST) Deadline for registration: Wednesday 28th September 2016

    Halal and Vegetarian foods and refreshments will be served.

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