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Forensic Assessment and Treament

Forensic Services Offered:
PsychCentral Forensic Psychologists provide forensic assessments and reports. A forensic assessment and report is based on the quality of the information that is accessed from multiple sources, including family, medical and mental health records, reports and files relating to any time served in detention, criminal records, employment records, psychological testing (where appropriate), school records (where appropriate), and other relevant information. The information gathered is combined with the relevant research to form an opinion that is useful and well supported.
Psychcentral services which may be provided are:

  1. Criminal forensic
    • victims of crime
    • adult and juvenile homicide
    • competency issues
    • pre-sentencing and sentencing evaluations
    • violence risk/re-offending
    • malingering, lies, and deception
    • developmental evaluations
    • availability of psychological support for legal counsel
  2. Civil forensic
    • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    • Sexual harassment, hostile workplace issues,
    • Impact from trauma
    • Personal injury – WorkCover NSW, CTP
    • Psychological autopsies,
    • Consequences from single event trauma,
  3. Family forensic
    • Domestic violence
    • Child and adolescent psychological evaluations
    • Family Law related psychological evaluations
    • Psychological assessments of family members
    • Dependency evaluations
  4. Consultation Services
    • Review psychological evaluations, reports and case consultation
    • Middle-eastern issues in forensic settings